Hush Hush

Hush Hush is a set of objects that help people mitigate their volatile predicament through humor. After observing typical behaviors and gestures that accompany negative emotions, I designed the set of furniture that transforms these behaviors and gestures through interacting with the furniture, resulting in humorous effects which provoke positive communication and relationship.

The goal of Hush Hush is to explore whether language is the best way to express emotions or in another form. In many cases, it is difficult to find the right words to express our feelings; an inappropriate expression might be misunderstood, or it may even hurt others. Hush Hush allows people to rethink the way we express negative emotions in a social context.

For people who feel hard to express their emotions, the Yellow and Green objects provide new ways to express negative emotion through humor.

Yellow - When you squeeze the bottle, the chicken will scream, which is equivalent to saying "shut up" or "I disagree."

Green - When you hit the button, the ball will jump to express dissatisfaction and help vent your emotions.

For people who have trouble channeling their aggression, the Pink and Blue objects provide humorous alerts when some aggressive behaviors appear due to anger.

Pink - The spinning fan blows out the light reminds you to lower your voice.

Blue - The naughty sound tells you to control your aggressive behaviour.

Hush Hush was not designed for particular age, gender or types of people, but it is useful in the space where people communicate within a small group. For example, a meeting room of a company, a studio in school or office and even at home. It serves as an inspiration activator when people want to detach themselves from inertial thinking and as lubricant in a difficult conversation.

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