Get your creative juices flowing with MORCUBE!

Morcube is both an exquisite toy for puzzle lovers and makers alike, but due to its simple yet effective locking mechanism it can be used by everyone.

This allows you the opportunity of exploring your creativity with challenges on every level from easy to medium difficulty levels.

Simple & Innovative

Morcube's lock mechanism is both simple and effective to use.

Stylish & Appealing

Make your own Morcube design into a display piece at home or in the office!

Challenging & Intriguing

Morcube is like a blank canvas for your imagination, with infinite possibilities.
It's never been easier to create, you will have hours and days worth of fun!

Natural & Sustainable

100% made of wood with natural finish. Morcube is precisely cut, closely fitted and built to last.

As a toy not only for children. Morcube is a companion for people from younger age to senior. And that is why we insist on using wood as the material even though it’s so challenging to produce with high precision. Wood is safe and friendly for children, and its classic appearance will never be out of date to fit in the environments of adults’ world. We wish people would play it when they are kids, and use it for boosting creativity, stress release and for other professional purposes when they grow up. 

Unlike ordinary wood stacking toys, morcube has joinery structure inspired by traditional mortise in wood crafts that makes many more shapes, structures and functions possible. It is a great tool to nurture creativity and yet with natural tactile feelings that people love to play in their hands all the time.

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